Rants and Reviews


A Beautiful Movement

Finding Your Inner Compass is such a beautiful movement of self empowerment, exploration, inspiration, and growth! When I first met Jessica, I knew that she was anointed with such a grace and wisdom that far exceeded herself; she taps into a higher power that allows her to work with her clients objectively and compassionately. There is a peace that accompanies one's soul throughout each session. The time is valuable and she honors you as a person, speaking words of life, asking intentional questions, and listening well. Throughout the program, she walks you through processing difficult emotions, grounding skills, balancing practices, centering techniques, mindset shifts, and personal aspirations. No matter what stage of life one is experiencing, FYIC is ideal for one's holistic individual improvement! Jessica is such an amazing life coach who cares about her clients and cheers them forward into success! If you undergo this endeavor, you will discover more about yourself, how to navigate the season in which you are in, as well as witness your goals come to life!   

~Julie B.

Unbiased Point of View

During the 2018 academic year, I had the great privilege of working with Jessica to ensure the well-being, success, and safety of the students at our school. As a teacher, I witnessed Jessica’s ability to connect with young adolescents in a way that few are capable of doing- she empowered, encouraged, and motivated our students to go above and beyond the standard. 

Her charisma and light inspired me to accept Jessica as a Life Coach. She is incredibly approachable, rational, loving, and helpful! I know she is always there for me whenever I need her, and she can help me make the best decisions in my life from an unbiased point of view.

~Casidy L.

Relearn Coping Skills

Jessica started out being a co-worker, but over time I witnessed Jessica off and making a name for herself. I knew then she was going beyond what this current position had to offer her. During the summer of that year, our friendship started to grow. By January 2015 Jessica was a support system I couldn't live without, she was my surgery buddy and support when told I had cancer. 

I have worked with Jessica to relearn needed coping skills to work through my traumatic experiences. 

Jessica is knowable and passionate about what she does. I have gained a lot of I sight from her being an insider of the trade and admire her as a woman. As a coach or therapist, she did not allow me a pass- I had to put in the work.

I would not change any of paths I have taken with Ms. Jessica Nixon, she has given me perspective that I would have thought of exploring. 

Thank you Coach Jessica!

~Sonya F.

See the Bigger Picture in Life

Jessica has been a great source of guidance for not only myself but my children as well. She listened patiently and gave good insight to what I changes I needed to make in my life and myself. She helped me to see the internal issues I had within myself and how I could control my actions before they got worse. Jessica helped me to see the bigger picture in life and gave me the tools I needed to make a better life for my family. Jessica made it easy to work on myself without feeling worse about myself (which sometimes happens when trying to fix yourself). In the beginning I was very hesitant about talking with her (let’s be honest, who isn’t?), but as time went on it was more like speaking to a non-judgmental friend. She would call me out on things I would use as excuses and she would give great hugs in times of need. I’ve never been able to open up to someone as easily as I can her! She definitely helped me through many struggles, that I know I would not have been able to successfully over come without her guidance.  

~Angie W.