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We as Women . . .

woman searching for freedom, peace, new life, re-identifing herself in the roles of her life

Who are you?

Who is hiding inside?

Who is hiding inside?

Finding Your Inner Compass is about You and Who You Are. 

As women, we naturally are the nurturing care-takers throughout the various stages of our lives. In the midst of those responsibilities, we serve honorably of daughter, wife, mother, friend, employer/employee, grandmother, retiree/volunteer, etc. Throughout the years, it can be easy to merge into these roles and lose who we are as an individual person or forget who we are as our own woman. 

woman looking for change, not know how, seeking assistance, guidance, rejuvenation for her life

Who is hiding inside?

Who is hiding inside?

Who is hiding inside?

Taking the first step is always the hardest, but if you are here - Then we are here to Help!

Living with the pains of life is no way of living! Our experiences as woman, working with women for over 15 years, and now transforming the lives of women all over the world makes Finding Your Inner Compass the right fit for helping you re-discover your most Authentic You!

Woman in her new divine image, role, identity, taking control of her life, living fully & happily

Who is the real you?

Who is hiding inside?

Who is the real you?

Our Life Coaching for Women programs are tailored to fit your needs. Each of us are unique, beautiful, amazing women, why shouldn't we be treated that way Everyday!! 

Through our consulting and guidance, we will make sure to help you address the issue & walk hand in hand with you to come to the best solution to fit your goals! You will soon be able to break through the barriers surrounding you or holding you back to find the Best version of You!

Welcome Letter from Coach Jessica Nixon

Finding My Own Inner Compass ♡



I am Coach Jessica. I have dreamed about the opportunity for the past 10 years to be able to reach out to help women across the world. Through all my own challenges and triumphs, I am now about to do so & proud to be able to share all this with you! I am still learning and growing through the many obstacles of life and through each of you. With each encounter, I feel an evolution and enlightenment develop from within that helps guide me to become better in my own practice and presentation. Becoming a Life Coach has been a progressive transformation for me from the counseling and social service field that I have served for over 15+ years. My heart has always been in it, but my passion has always been more!!! 

I have seen, heard and experienced the pain that women endure every day. In various situations, people encountered, or challenges faced- We all have them. 

  • I know the confused, lost or stuck feelings. 
  • I know the overwhelmed, stress, exhausted feelings. 
  • I know the burdened, buried, tainted feelings. 
  • The times when it's hard to relate or care anymore, and the guilt that comes with it. 
  • The times that feel suffocating or drowning. 
  • The times of quiet resentment when there is nothing left.  

But now is the time to break free from all this and be Rejuvenated. To reach out to those that can help you feel renewed, redirected, and re-identify with yourself. 

Don't just take the time, but Make the time to Find Your Inner Compass and reclaim the life that has been passing you by. 

  • Reconnect with yourself and those that you love. 
  • Discover a new way for you to live life feeling a sense of peace, love, and joy. 
  • Fulfill your dreams, goals and aspirations. 
  • Enjoy feeling Accomplished and Empowered. 
  • Share that confidence and acceptance to inspire others. 

Begin Today!

Self-Improvement, Confident, Empowerment, Positive Redefinition, Acceptance & Love, Time to Shine!

Self-Improvement, Confident, Empowerment, Positive Redefinition, Acceptance & Love, Time to Shine!


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