Meet Coach Jessica

Life Coach, Counselor, Guidance, Mental Health Advocate, Social Service Professional, Consultant

Jessica Nixon is a Life Coach for Women with a vast amount of education and experiences since 2004 that have guided her to this place today. 

  • She has acquired her Bachelors of Art at The Ohio State University in Psychology with a specialization in Business. 
  • She achieved her Masters of Education from the University of Dayton to become a Licensed Guidance Counselor for students PK-12th grade with her degree in Counselor Education and Allied Professions. 
  • She further pursued Doctorate level Psychology classes at Northwestern University.
  • She became RYT 200 Yoga Certified with specialized SEL*F certification
  • Pursues professional stature as a student of Tony Robbins-Madanes Life Coaching program 

She is constantly wanting to learn more so she can share & provide opportunities of growth & success for others! 

Through all this academic growth, Coach Jessica has been gainfully employed as a

  • Guidance Counselor for students PK-12th grade 
  • Mental Health Counselor for clients from ages 2-82 years old
  • Mental Health Advocate through Mental Health America
  • Social Services Professional
  • Community Relations Director
  • Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Each of these experiences have provided skills that Coach Jessica can use to assist others: Healthy Relationship Building, Childhood Development, At-Risk Youth, the Positive Adoption Process, Relocation, Divorce, Single-Parenting, Financial Management, Re-Identification, Mental Health, Social Services, Community Resource Utilization, Continuing Education, Occupational Conflict Resolution, Behavior Management, Academic Success, Grieving & Loss, with training in Mindfulness, Mental Health Disabilities & Diagnosis, Holistic & Spirituality Therapies, and Social Emotional Learning Facilitation.

These roles and positions have prepared Coach Jessica for the responsibilities and expectations of being an efficient and effective Life Coach for Women.     

Coach Jessica has a powerful vision & heart to follow when it comes to helping others. Her passion and dedication to help others began as a child and has grown beyond her heart's capacity to overflow into the hearts of others! She brings all her personal & professional experiences to provide the best care & service to all whom inquire, are ready for a change & are ready to work for it! 



  • Working Moms
  • Women Professionals
  • Relationship Building
  • Creating the Confident Woman
  • Transitioning from Youth to Adulthood
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Coping with Changes
  • Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Chronic Illness
  • Overcoming Depressive Living

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Speaking from the Heart

Personal Insight from Coach Jessica

I am Coach Jessica. Born & raised as a country girl in Ohio, relocated to Florida as an adult, and loving the beach life!! I'm a spiritual soul and have many facets of myself to share:

I am a simple girl that likes to act silly, carefree, simple-minded, and laugh a lot! I like to be child-like & appreciate the little things in life. I like to make plans, set goals, and dream big. I love to feel accomplished, share joys with others and give with all my heart! I enjoy adventure and thrill on exploring to discover new things, whether it be meeting new people, visiting places, having new experiences or trying new foods. I like classic movies and reruns, but also get excited to watch new things. I love being home relaxing in my yoga pants, on the beach listening to the waves and basking in the sun, or out in my yard gardening with my pets. My childhood passions that still thrive strongly in me today include traveling, cooking, loving animals, reading, painting, creating, learning, nature, and being in or near water. I wish I had the time to do all these fun things in life the way I used to  as a child, but look forward to a retirement that is full of many adventures and activities!  

On the flip side, I'm a regular girl just like you. I have things that I don't like or don't want in life. I want to feel comfortable with myself and be myself, without all the fuss. I want to enjoy my life & not be distracted by all the 'stuff' I have to do so I don't miss out on all the fun. I love to feel pretty in a natural way and live life holistically. I don't like complications and I can be impatient or get frustrated, just like most people. Let's be real...I have problems. I have issues. I have concerns and worries. I get my feelings hurt, bothered, burdened, abandoned, ignored or rejected. I have lived with loss, experienced a broken heart, and the reality of broken dreams. I doubt, fear, and sometimes have crazy irrational beliefs about myself. I try hard and work hard. I am hard on myself for not being able to do more, give more, be more. I get tired and disappointed. 

In summary, I am Human. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have faults, flaws and limitations. I have accomplishments, achievements and failures. I make mistakes and have to forgive myself daily, with hopes that others forgive and accept me as well. I have to make a point to learn something from my mistakes and thank the misgivings or misfortunes of my situations because I know they provided a perspective I wouldn't have known otherwise. My education and experiences have molded me with a nurture versus nature influence. I have my personality, characteristics, qualities, morals, values and habitual tendencies. Some of which are good, and some of which are difficult. All of which are a part of ME!

I am Coach Jessica. A woman. A mother. A professional. A real person that is dedicated to the success of my clients. Someone who is going to be honest with you, guide you and motivate you to become the best version of yourself…When you’re ready.  When is that? You’ll know. 

And once you’re ready, Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt. Don’t fear. Don’t worry, because I’ll be here to work with you by your side to help you achieve all that you seek!