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 How does coaching work? 

Coaching is a strategy of working on a concern that you want to resolve now. Coaching will help you identify & address your concern, even digging a little deeper in what that is to reveal the true meaning to your concern. Breaking things down into smaller portions of the main part will help you to see what tools are best to use in overcoming this inhibition within so you can become the best You!  

What is the difference between coaching & counseling? 

Coaching helps you to identify & address your current concern utilizing the present situation, thoughts, feelings and goals. Counseling helps you to define the meaning of your concern by exploring your past experiences. Coaching is typically a direct, effective & brief strategy to provide tools applicable in other situations as well as resolving the present concern. Counseling works on processing through the many variables that have contributed to your life bringing you to your current situation in more of a longitudinal structure.    What should I expect to receive from my time in coaching? The role of coaching is to provide a professional perspective of your situation and offer you the tools you need to conquer the inhibitions that have been holding you back from becoming your true self. You should expect to gain insight during the Discovery call & the proceeding scheduled Progression conference calls. You will be given direction on your journey utilizing strategies and techniques to open the doors to your heart, mind, soul & body & transfigure into your true self!  

What is expected of me as a client? 

Upon inquiring & seeking coaching services, you affirm that you have a distress in your life and you are prepared to openly accept and embrace the changes that promise you an enlightenment in your life. In creating an Expedition contract with your Coach, you will be expected to keep your scheduled Progression calls, complete the Excursion tasks and be sure to keep in contact with your coach via email with any questions or confusion that may arise. It is important in your journey to utilize the open communication that we offer so that you receive the most out of the Progression calls.  

Note: It is a common misconception that the most important work is completed during the Progression calls. On the contrary, they are for discussions of realization, reflection & progression unto the next stage of your Voyage Chart. The hardest work will be what you accomplish throughout the week in between Progression calls. Keeping in contact with your Coach via email will help support you through your personal struggles with the Voyage tasks. 

How much are the program packages & how are the prices determined? 

Each program is personalized to your needs. The required Atlas Plot Survey & Discovery call gives your Coach a good basis to who you are and what your concerns may be that will be part of your Journey together. In order to best serve you, your Coach will determine what will be most beneficial to you and how much time will be needed to fulfill the requirements of your Voyage Chart. Together you will decide the best course of action and begin working on your program.  There are times that a concern can be identified and addressed within a short time, other concerns need more exploration & commitment. We do not try to sell packages to our clients, but focus on providing an effective and efficient service to you. We will work with your needs and reassess your progress throughout our time together to make sure that our services are fulfilling your needs.  Group programs are for those that can join a team of fellow explorers that have similar concerns. Each group may have a different focus, based on the needs of the participants. Clients have an opportunity to become part of a secret community support group that will encourage sharing of commonalities on a more personal level, ask advice and questions of one another & grow together through both self-discovery & unified discovery.  

Do you accept insurance?

Most insurance companies have not recognized coaching as a viable source of medical support. Finding Your Inner Compass will continue to explore that option and make this available to our clients once feasible.  

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are created on an individual case basis upon discussion with your Coach.  

Is there a guarantee policy? 

Each client is very different and each of us have many variables that contribute to our struggles or successes. The best guarantee is the one that you give yourself. To overcome any obstacle, you must stay positive, believe you can do it, work hard, face your fears, acknowledge the challenges of variant truths, stay focused, be flexible, resilient, and determined to embrace the changes that will allow an enlightenment in your life.  Sometimes we feel that we have one concern to address, but there may be one or more levels to decipher through. There may be more time that needs to be given to truly assess and resolve through the layers. If that is the case, your Coach will work with you to determine which route is best suited to your needs and re-evaluate your current Voyage Chart. 

What happens if I am not satisfied or my issue is not resolved? 

Our Coaches are trained to find the particular point of concern and to work through the Voyage Chart to find the best resolution with you. If other aspects of that concern are revealed throughout this process, together you will work with your Coach to reassess the best route to make your time effective & efficient during the program. Upon completion of the program, if there are residual concerns, you may submit a request for a Coaches Conference to formally review your situation and determine the validation of the procedure used as being of the most effective practices. At that time, the staff at Finding Your Inner Compass will schedule a conference call to report the findings of the formal review and what steps will be taken by all parties involved.   

Hope you have found this helpful!

coaching, women, life, seeking, finding, questions, answers, self-worth, self-value, changes, better

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you in any way possible!

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