Light At The End Of The Funnel Book

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Debut appearance of Coach Jessica published in this co-authored Internationally sold book!!! 

Coach Jessica shares insight into starting her journey as a Life Coach and her personal and professional challenges that contributed to her Revival!

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Light At The End Of The Funnel: Co-Authored Book Volume 1 is a compilation of stories from top entrepreneurs, small business owners, thought leaders, change makers, and influencers from around the world. You'll find each story thought-provoking and inspirational as each co-author shares their journey from the ups and downs of business ownership 

to the light at the end of 

their metaphorical funnel.

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Here you will find Coach Jessica sharing a wide array of information to help you find the strength of your Inner Spirit! Through these clips, she is able to help you build an empire in Self-Discovery & Celebration of YOU-the Amazing Woman!

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Having a voice in a world of noise is challenging & even discouraging! It has taken me many years to build up the courage to step out into the light to share mine.  This is my heart, mind & spirit- open for you. As we continue on this journey going forward, I hope  to share this place with you. It may be full of tears of sadness or joy, laughter & fear but it will be ours! Together we will fill the voids that hold us back from being our True Selves & finally find the happiness we deserve!!!